Thursday, October 16, 2008

Craziness around every corner!!

Well the last few days have been eventful. First I found out this past Monday that my dad has been on a medication called Saroquel (?spelling). Its for anit-anxiety and to help him sleep. He was being given this medicaton 3x a day. I got him taken off of that.

Thanks to the help of a good friend I was able to get my Mom to the doctor Tuesday after she remembered she had an appointment at the last minute. She's doing so much better and they're talking about sending her home. She can't wait. We have to get with the PT and OT and get her released.

Yesterday after having an early "Boss's Day" luncheon I was cleaning up and started to cough then my chest got really tight. Shortly I became very winded and had trouble breathing. My husband had just picked my kids up from me, they had been at work with me all day. I called him back and he immediately took me to the ER. After chest xray and EKG they still weren't sure what was going on. I received a breathing treatment and got sent home with two prescriptions. The tx knocked me out (not sure what's in that stuff) but I was out and slept all night. This morning I was fine like nothing had ever happened.

We think I had an allergic reaction of some kind but all I know it was very, very scary not to be able to breathe.....Can't imagine what my dad must be feeling...GUESS I GO A SMALL TASTE OF IT!!!

Well Derrick gets to go to his first Homecoming dance tomorrow night with his football team. Still undecided if he's going but I'm sure he'll have fun it he does.

Well off to be for me...Till next time...GOD IS GOOD!!! All the time.