Friday, February 6, 2009

Savannah's Smiles

I know its been a while!! Just been busy!! Savannah got her braces on this week. She was soo soo excited. She couldn't decide on a color so she got one band of every color...silly girl.
This coming Monday she will be eligible to get her learner's permit!! CRAZY!! Can't believe she'll be 16 this Aug.

She finally found a dress for her teen Valentine banquet...she's excited about that too. DOING AWESOME in basketball. She's really loving it...she gets to play JV and Varsity...which keeps us busy running all over town to games.

I found out today after going to the orthopaedic dr that I have arthritis in both knees. Sounds crazy being that I'm only 36 but that's what he said.

Showed me how thin the cartilidge is between my bones..very wonder they hurt when I bend them!!

Well not much else going on.