Friday, May 15, 2009


Well we're home from our mini-vacation cruise to the Bahama's. Had a blast and took over 120 pictures. They all turned out so good. I'll be sure to get them posted...I've got them on my "Facebook' already if you want to view them. My mom really enjoyed herself and said she wanted to stay about 2 more weeks!! I think I could've stayed in Florida but not on the ship that long. So much to do and so little time.

My children and hubby gave me my first "Vera Bradley" purse for mother's day. Its beautiful...turquoise and brown floral print...the print is called "Gabby". Its' really it.

Busy week again with ball games and church. Mother/Daughter banquet this Saturday...should be really good. The girls are singing several songs to honor the mothers.

ALSO...please remember two things in prayer... my friend Ann Lacks in your prayers...her father passed away very suddenly and very young. He was only 47. I feel for her and know where she stands!!! She needs our prayers!
My sister's nephew Travis...diagnosed just two days ago with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma...he has a long road ahead with tests and chemo...he has a young son who needs him!! May God heal him completely!!

Well gotta run to work...enjoy the photos.
Remember...GOD IS SO GOOD!!! All the time.