Saturday, February 14, 2009


I almost forgot, I was blessed with new car. 1994 Eagle Talon, been garage kept and only 90K miles on it. My mom's neighbor gave us a great deal we just couldn't pass up. We needed to turn over the Jeep to Savy and get something else for me and this was it. Dale got it all waxed and shiney for me, put new wheel covers on it. It drives like a dream!! LOVE IT!! GOD IT SOOO GOOD!!

Valentines Fun

We had a super great night at church with the adult banquet tonight. The food was awesome, teriaki chicken, rice, greenbeans, fruit kabobs, different desserts...DELISH. We played cool games headed up by my friend Pam. She always does and excellent job. I won a couple to limbo. Preacher did well with that too!! LOL Good clean fun.

Derrick is slowly recovering from play airsoft with a bunch of the boys last night at church. I think its great that they have a decent place to go and play like that!! Stay out of trouble and harms way and have a great time running around playing.

Savannah is looking forward to her fundraiser night with basketball tomorrow. They're trying to raise money for an upcoming tournament. She will participate in the free throw contest. It should be a lot of fun.

Well off to bed, church in the morning and I believe Savy will go with Preacher to the nursing home again. She seems to really enjoy that.

Teen Banquet, Night in Paradise!


The teens had an awesome Valentine's banquet. Miss Pam May coordinated all the games. They all had a blast. It was a Laua theme...tropical scenes with trees and such. Really nice.
A friend of Savannah's, Jeffery Ozmar asked her to go with him tonight. It was really cool. He called Dale this morning to ask his permission to ask her to go...very good manners!! They met up at the church.

The adults have their dinner tomorrow night...well I guess with it being 12:26AM it would be tonight!! LOL.

I'm also really excited at some things coming up ahead. My sister Alice is planning a cruise for myself, my sister Alane and my Mom to go a fews days to the Bahama's. I've never been on a cruise...I think of all of us Alice is the only who has gone so this is a really great treat. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. Its just a girls thing but I'm gonna really miss my husband when we do go even though its only gonna be for 3 or 4 days!!!

Well off to bed, till we chat again!