Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crenshaw 1st Place

I'm so excited for my daughter...God gave her team the Victory tonight and they won their game taking 1st place in their division in the playoffs. They all got an awesome trophy. She was excited to see her youth director Mr. Lack at her game. Of course that made her nervous but she played awesome along with the rest of her teammates.

The other cool thing about it is that Crenshaw also took 1st place on the 10U, 12u teams as well...all levels except 18U...that's pretty neat.

So that's the end of softball and baseball for us....on to football camps and training which will take us into the fall.

I'm looking forward to the little hiatis I'll get in between sports. And looking forward to vacation next week. Hopefully get to Busch Gardens, Water Country and Yorktown for the fireworks. I'll be taking some more awesome pictures to download for your viewing pleasure...HEE HEE.

Well that's all for now,


Friday, June 20, 2008


Well...its Friday....TGIF. Savannah will be coming home from camping with the teens all week. Can't wait to see her. I'm sure she will have some exciting stories to tell.

My friends the Milottes are home from was good to see them. We had been keeping their dog Candy while they were away. It was actually supposed to be Savannah's job but of course Derrick and I took over in her absence!! LOL She'll have to divy up her earnings.

My softball team plays the final round tonight...We're all excited. Hoping Savannah will be home in time to play also. If we win then its final ....should we lose then we play a double header for the Championship. We've played this team night before last and won so hopefully God will give hte victory again tonight. We're playing at Byrd Field 6 if anyone would like to come cheer us on.

Well gotta get to work....I'll add some more pics and stuff later

Until we meet again....GOD IS GOOD!!! All the time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well my daughter's softball team, 14U Crenshaw Cardinals have won the second round of the play-offs while Savannah is camping with the teens form church. Hopefully she'll be home Friday to get to play int he final round. I've got some great pics to download...I'll figure all that out soon enough.
Later to bed.

Pictures to come.

I'm gonna try adding some picture in...hope this work!! LOL

Here's my family...Dale, Savannah and Derrick from Mother's Day 2008.

Just getting started!

I'm new to "blogging" and just created this one. Hope you enjoy reading about our family, friends, church and adventures.
I'll work on this more later with pictures and updates.
THANKS for your patience...check back soon!
REMEMBER.....GOD is good!!.....All the time!!!