Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally better!!!

Well I had an eventful week. Tuesday my right side started hurting a bit. As the day progressed it go worse to the point of being unbearable. Dale came home early and took me to patient first. After several xrays and blood work found that I had kidney stones. Boy was that painful. They put me on strong pain medication and I went home to wait it out.
Today I went for a catscan at the Urologist office, he said everything was clear. Needless to say it has been a long week...painful and frustrating.
I AM SO THANKFUL FOR MY HUSBAND...he babied me all the way. Took good care of me and was there for my every whim!!!

Now I have to get my "system" back in check...the pain medication kinda slowed things up if you know what I mean!!! Any way, much better than the pain I was in.

Well baseball tomorrow, and our 1st swim meet on Sunday afternoon....SO GLAD IM BETTER!!!

Memorial Day and other fun!!!

Well a lot have happened since I last wrote. We had a great time Memorial Day with my family at Chapel Church. This is the church where my Dad and his sibblings grew up and attended their younger years.....a lot of memories there.

My Mom had a nice surprise also. One of my uncles is with the mission board to Poland. My Dad had asked him to find my Mom a toothpick holder on his next trip. Uncle Wayne honored that request and presented a beautiful Polish crystal holder to my mom during the dinner. It was a really great day!!

Memorial Day Monday, Me, Dale and the kids headed to the pool for a day of fun. Had a really nice time.

Of course with all that said and Memorial Day behind us....swim team has begun. So our weekly schedule consists now of...Monday baseball practice, Tuesday game for either Savannah or Derrick, Wendesday church, Thursday games, Friday teen activity or basketball practice for Derrick.....Monday - Friday swim practice 4-5....OK IM the weekend here yet!! LOL....oh wait we've got games on Saturdays too due to the wonderful rain....LOL