Thursday, May 7, 2009

Past Sunday- "Pack the Pews"

What a great day we had Sunday. It was very exciting with a lot happening. Preacher had a great message and we had several hands raised for salvation. Then some friends, the Knutsons, had their newest addition Luke dedicated and Jeremy got the privilege of baptising their son John David. What an awesome memory. I couldn't believe he was the same age that Derrick got baptised. Hard to remember that Derrick was that little at one time in life...LOL.

In addition to all that there was singing and special music that just blessed your heart. We had an afternoon session after dinner on the grounds. Our guest speaker was Dr. Jack Knapp who is as preacher says "our Watch Dog" on Capital Hill making sure that all these crazy un-Godly bills don't get passed that would hurt our families and our country. It was really great to hear him speak!! Such an abundance of knowledge.
We also had a baking contest with ham and desserts that were brought for dinner on the grounds. Well I got 1st place!! I was so surprised...couldn't believe it. I had borrowed a recipe from a co-worker for my dessert and really thought that would win...had no idea it would be my ham!! My prize...$50 gift card to Wal-Mart. An of course that came in very handy buying some last minute items for a cruise this weekend.

Speaking of which....I AM READY TO GO!!! A little nervous but ready none the less. We fly out of Richmond around 7am and come back Monday around 10:30 pm. We will be sailing our of Cape Canaveral to Nassau. Then we go to CoCo Bay Island (private island of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines) back to Nassau and then back to Florida. The kids are very excited too. They have never flown before and none of us have ever been on a cruise. Of course I will have lots and lots of pictures to show.

Until my return...remember...GOD IS GOOD!!! all the time.