Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here's the bike that we got for Derrick and of course Savannah is taking off with it too!! Derrick and his Dad took it to the mountains last Saturday to turkey hunt and play. I think they did more playing than hunting.

Savannah and I stayed and worked the "2nd Annual Car Show" We had a great, great day for it. The sun was out, lots of folks stopping by, great food. We couldn't have asked for a better day. I believe we had about 23 hands raised for salvation at the end of the day when Preacher spoke breifly thanking everyone for coming and gave the "Plan of Salvation". Just a banner day! A boy from our church had some fun with the face painting!! LOL...he was a hoot. Mr. Lacks our Associate Pastor with his AWESEOM ORANGE MUSTANG!! Love it.


We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and at church. What a great, great time. This kids of course got some goodies at home. My mom felt well enough to go to church with us. She had purchased a Hydrangea Bush, which was one of my Dad's favorite plants. She gave it in memory of my Dad and the bush was planted on the grounds at our church in front of the flag poles. Its beautiful.

The church survice was over the top, we had folks get baptized and saved. God is just really blessing. Afterwards we went to my mother and father-in-laws for a great family dinner. Just a blessed day over all!!

We're into our Spring program at church "6 weeks to Victory". Its a really exciting time with so much happening.

The next Sunday was missions Sunday. We let balloons go with gospel tracts. I didn't get any photos but it was a great sight to see all those colors floating in the air. Praying some one will get blessed and saved through that!!
This past Sunday was "Love my Church" Sunday. We all received photo's of our Preach and his wife and the Assoc. Pastor and his wife. Very nice. We had so many visitors!! There were family visiting for one of our members getting baptisted and a couple from the Car Show we had Saturday. Then a couple Ida and Eugene visiting from invitation from me and my husband. We then after purchasing a "mini" motorcycle for my son. We had about 8 saved Sunday and probably 31 visitors many of which say they will be back. What a great blessing!! I'll post more later....remember GOD IS GOOD....all the time.


Well we've gone from basketball ball to baseball and softball. Derrick is playing for Spirit Athletics. He's catching and playing short stop or pitching when needed. They have a great group of guys. He was blessed with God given talent and has been chosen to also play with the Varsity Boys!! He was really excited when he was told that.
Savannah is back at Crenshaw playing for the 18U team. She's pitching and playing 2nd base or short-stop. Guess that runs in the family!! LOL. Her team is doing really well too. I'll post photos as I get them.

Basketball Tournie

We all had a great time. Savannah's team the Spirit Varsity Girls took 2nd place in their division. It was truly a blessing to be able to go and be around a great group of Christian families!!

Afterwards my family went to my in-laws cabin for a day just to breathe in some mountain air then soon had to be back home.

It was a very nice gettaway! Here's some pics.