Friday, February 20, 2009


Glad its Friday!!! End of the week. Guess I'm gonna need to head back to the doctor about my knee. The pain has been horrible and Tylenol isn't cutting it much...Pray for me!!

Savy has a game tonight!! YEAH...that's always exciting. Looks like we had a great turn out so far on their fundraise this past Monday...thank to anyone who helped her out with pledges!

Just a little update on my mom, she is doing great. Been to the lake last weekend with my sister Alice. Had a nice relaxing time. She's seems to be keeping up with things good, medications, the house etc.

I'm SOOO, SOOO excited as we're planning for an upcoming cruise for my mom. We're taking Royal Carribean, Majesty of the Seas in May for 4 nights. Can't wait!!! Never been on a big ship before and neither has my husband...well actully my sister Alice and her husband are the only ones going that have so it should be a lot of fun for all of us!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Toodles.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Savannah's team had an awesome night tonight!! The Varsity girls won 38 to 37...very close exciting game. They pulled it out int he end.
The Varsity boys hammered the other team 70-36. A victorious night. God was on our side!!

Pray for my sister's and I as we try to make preparations for taking my mom on a much deserved trip...Cruise to be exact!! I've never been on on either so I'm very excited.

Pray for my friend Angie and her family traveling from Tenn. They're on a little mini vacation taking some time for themselves. HOPE THEY HAVE A GREAT TIME!! I'll miss her teaching Wed. night class. Pray for her health to get good and doctors to find out why she's contantly in pain and not feeling well.

Well its to bed. Remember GOD IS GOOD!! All the time.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm so excited for Savannah. She won 2nd place in the Free Throw contest with Spirit tonight. She did such a good job. Another boy from our church Tommy won 1st place for the 3pt contest. They both did and awesome job! A special thanks to everyone who supported all the kids and gave contributions for the fundraiser.

Today went real well at my work...thanks to those praying for me. It was a much smoother day today.

Well I'm off to bed. Tomorrow brings a new day...till then...God is GOOD!!


Hello friends, hope you have a great Monday and your week gets off to a good start. Had a great sermon yesterday at church. Preacher has been speaking on living in VICTORY! They have been really good.

Savannah has her fundraiser with Spirit Basketball tonight. Pray all the kids do well so they will be able to raise the necessary money for the tournament at Liberty next month. She will be doing Free Throw shots, she has two-1 minute trys. She's a little nervous but I think she'll be fine.

Ok gotta get to work. Have a great day, later.
REMEMBER...GOD IS GOOD...all the time!