Friday, October 31, 2008


Well its Friday!!! YEAH! Happy Halloween to all. Can't wait for the Fall Festival tonight at my church. A friend of mine helped me decorate last night. I'll add pics for that tonight. All the kids have so much fun with the games and the "spooky" trail.
I was talking last night and realized I've been heading up the game room for the younger children for almost 9 years now...WOW time flys.

Derrick has 1st play-off game tomorrow night....gonna be cold out there! He's pumped and ready.

Please also continue to pray for my mom and my dad. My mom is home..YEAH!!! God is Good! She's feeling better, getting physical therapy. My sister Alice has been staying with her till she gets to moving around good.

My dad had a few set backs last week with the dialysis port being clogged so he's been getting treatments every day this week and has been very, very weak. He just seemed so tired last night when I saw him. He really needs GOD's healing hand!!
Got to see my friends Candy and Mark's new baby Abigail...she's beautiful. So, so preacious. I forgot to take a picture. Candy needs your prayers for healing after the deliver but they are both doing well and the baby is feeding, crying and cooing very well!! LOL

OH forgot to mention....My secret sister at church....WOW she is so good to me. If you happen to be reading this..THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Such a great encouragement. I have gotten a card in the mail every week either at home or work and sometimes both places. Such encouraging words, heart felt and kind.

Well...don't get too scared out there today. Enjoy till next time! Remember...GOD is good!!

Busch Gardens "Jack is Back"

Monday, October 27, 2008


My family and I had one last hoorah at Busch Gardens this year. This was the 10 year anniversary of their "Jack is Back" scare fest. We had a really good time. Derrick does not ....I repeat DOES NOT like all that scary stuff but he was a trooper and went along....dragging behind!!! LOL.

I've got some pictures from out trip.

Also can't wait till Friday night at church we have our annual Fall Festival. Good clean fun for the kids. I usually run the game room for the younger children while the older ones take to the woods for a good scaring!! Good food, good fun so come join us if you can!!
Hello again. A lot has happened since I last posted. My mom came home from Lucy Corr on Thursday. She was having some trouble breathing but she came home figuring she would feel better with some medication. As of Saturday she had been doing breathing treatments about every 4-6 hours and was not getting better so my sister Alane took her to ER at Chippenham. They found she had fluid on her lungs and kept her. After a visit Sunday she looked a lot better and fluid was off so it seems to may be coming home today (Monday) if everything remains good. They contributed some of this to a medication that she takes.

Saturday Derrick had his last regular season football game.....They beat the Salem Cowboys 12-0 so now they're heading to the playoffs.

We also found out Saturday that my husband Dale's father fell. He has a disorder that affects his motor skills so at times his speech is impaired and unstable on his feet. He took 9 stitches but no serious head concussion etc. He was sent home but man he looks really, really bad!!!

Please keep Marvin Avery (Dale's dad) and my mom (Frances Murphy) and of course my dad who's still in ICU at Henrico Drs. in your prayers!!!

ALSO...I'll have someone else to visit at Henrico Drs as a friend from church Candy is having her baby this week...SO EXCITED FOR HER....Pray for a safe delivery!!!

SUNDAY at church was a good time. Great sermon by Preacher as usual. It was Pepsi Sunday. Everyone got a can of Pepsi and a Reese's Cup...YUMMY!! The children in Junior church got to spray down Bro. BillyMay with all kinds of Pepsi. They had lots of fun with that!!

Later....GOD IS GOOD!!