Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I had a good birthday. Started with cry in the shower then once I got over all that I went to work. My co-workers gave me some really nice smelling candles and Wawa gift card! Love the coffee!! My boss took us out to O'Charlies for lunch. It was good. My co-worker also made an awesome cake for me...its called "Better than sex cake"....and well its not LOL but it is a heavenly good cake. The best I've tasted!!
Oh and earlier this morning my husband had a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries form Eddible Arrangements delivered to me!! YUM, YUM, YUM. They were soo, soo good.
Got lots of emails form friends and family wishing me Happy B-day and friends sang to me at church tonight. It was overall a really good day!!
THANKS!...Toodles till next time. Rememer God is good, all the time.


YES...Today is my birthday....and its a little bitter sweet. My hubby took me and the children out to dinner last night. We met up at Applebee's.

Savy had a 1st Round Conf Tournament...they won big like 58-24...can't remember exact score. Savy got to play in the 2nd an 4th quarter..she has two assists. Really great game form what I heard. I on the other hand was at work till 7 and didn't get to go so I met them at the restaurant. Before they go there I was just thinking over things and it hit the Dad won't be here to celebrate with us.
I know he's looking down...I love him so much!!
I was very greatful that last year by boss surprised me on this day with my Mom, Dad, Dale and the kids joining us during our lunch time. It was supposed to be a lunch meeting and us girls had brought in food then in walks was a great surprise!! Who would've known. But God knew!! He always does!!
I love my husband so much too...he's been so, so supportive of me! I'm very proud of my children for their loyalty, love and support as well. I couldn't ask for better!!!

OK SO YES...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY....I'M 37. AND YES FOR YOU SMARTIE PANTS...ONLY 37. LOL I also wish my dear friend Bobbie in PA Happy Birthday...her's is today too. Well gotta run. Have a great day...Remember....GOD IS GOOD..all the time!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello...well should I say good evening!! Just came back form an awesome Ladie's Meeting at my church! It was such good fun. We ate an awesome meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoe casserole, corn, apple sauce, strawberry cheesecake, choclate pie, banana pudding(which I did not sample!!! That one is a and melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies!!! Then we chatted, heard a great little devotion. Afterwards we made a blanket for a young mother in our church Lori Willis who is dealing with breast cancer. We thought it would bring her comfort and let her know we love her!! She is a young mother of two children...please pray for her, she doesn't have any family close as her parents live in Tennessee. They come when they can. It was just a wonderful time.

Savy's team won their basketball game tonight over Yeshiva...YEAH!! GO... SPIRIT!!! They have a Conference Tournament Tues, Thur and Friday night...pray they will do well. They're against some really tough teams.

My mom is doing good as well. She got to visit with her cousin today and will be over the next few weeks. Nice to visit but not for the reason they are in town. Helen Ann's husband Ralph is have to take special treatments for skin cancer. He takes two a day for the next 3 or 4 weeks. He takes one in the morning...comes to rest at my mom's then goes back in the afternoon for another. Its really tough on them all....especially that they live in Kenbridge. They're driving here every day....I hoping they will just stay with my mom a couple days at a time so its not so much driving.

WOW....there are burdens on every shoulder you just never ends. The battle rages on but the Lord is our sword and shield! I know he will see us through!

Well gotta hit the hay. Remember God is good...all the time.