Saturday, November 15, 2008


Derrick's team lost in the 3rd round of the playoffs today. He played his best but I told him "You can't carry the whole team, everybody has to do their part!" He received another blessing with his team today by being selected MVP of the game. My husband said that coaches from the other team were coming to shake his hand and commented on how well he played. What an honor to have such good things said about your children!!

I can't say enough about the wonderful ladies meeting we had at church this weekend...Classic Lady was the theme.

We had two guest speakers, Mrs. Finley and Mrs. Cathy Berry. What a great, great blessing to here them both. I had never heard Mrs. Berry speak. She was just so, so funny. Reminded me a lot of listening to Mrs. Marlene Evans. Same great spirit and just so funny.

Our Preacher's wife Mrs. Rhonda Talley got a great surprise for her birthday by having her daught Tammy and grandson Tanyon flown in from Idaho on behalf a some of the ladies at the church. She was so, so excited and just cried and laughed and cried some more!!

It was really a fun, fun time.

The decorations were absolutely beautiful once again courtesy of Ms. Tammi Schnarrs...she is just so, so talented.

I went a way with several personal decisions and things I need to change. Overall I beleive everyone got a blessing from the music to the speakers to the food!!!

Tomorrow is Old Fashioned Day at church. Gonna be a lot of fun there too with great "Old Fashioned" preaching, music and dinner on the grounds. Then off to my inlaws house for my neice's 13th birthday.

Well off to bed now. I'll hopefully have some pictures to load from church tomorrow as well as some really good pictures from the children singing at church last Sunday night!!

Take care..remember GOD IS GOOD!!!...all the time.