Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Sunday and firsrt swim meet of the season.

Had an awesome day at church today. Preacher was really on; great message about doing things for others, going the 2nd mile and making sure you're doing it for the right reasons!

Afterwards Savannah went with Preacher and another teen girl to the nursing home to sing and preach. They always have a great time sharing and caring for the shut-ins, many of which never have visitors or family that live near by. It's a great blessing to those folks.

Later this afternoon Derrick and Savannah had their first swim meet of the season against Woodmont. They both swam great. Derrick swam in 4 events and Savannah was supposed to swim in 3 but at the last minute she was asked to fill in for the Seniors Relay. That's always fun to watch...the senior swimmers battle it out in the final relay races. They always have a great time!!

Here's a few photos from today. Till next time...remember GOD IS GOOD!!!...all the time!