Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking forwar to tomorrow!!

YEP ITS ONLY WEDNESDAY but I'll be heading out of town tomorrow to Lynchburg, Liberty University for the Homeschool Basketball Tournament!! Very excited. Dale and the kids went up tonight as they have a game tomorrow at 11:00. I have to work but I'll be heading up tomorrow afterwards. CAN'T WAIT. It will be a nice little mini-vacation for us. Good time, good friends and good Basketball!! I'll try to get some pics posted later when we return.

Well as basketball is ending softball and baseball are starting up. Savannah has a batting cage practice Sat. Thus starts another sport of running to practices and games but I'm glad their active.

The school through church Freedom Christian Academy had a Chick-Fil-La fundraiser that evening form 5-8 in which a percentage of ticket sales went back to the school. They're trying to raise money for their Senior trip to Tenn. I hope they get enough and have a great time.

Later Saturday night I attended a get together among my highschool class mates, Monacan Class of 90. We had a really great time. They are planning several girl's nights out and different things to get us back together. Guess with our 20 year reunion coming on 2010 they all want us to stay in touch and have a good turn out. It was great seeing old friends again. While my husband and I were our Savy and Derrick got to go skating and brought a friend from church, Talley along. They had a lot of fun.

Had a nice memorial service last night at the Ruritan for my dad. GOSH I SO MISS HIM!!! It went really well. I can honestly say it was much harder reading a open I wrote about our relationship last night than it was the day of his Memorial service in Nov. I guess time has passed and I was probably still "numb" to everything then. They gave my mother a really nice plague and retired his name "False Alarm"...give because of his line of work at the time, security guard.

The weather has been wonderful, getting chilly again though. I'm kind of looking forward to spring. Had my snow and ready to move on.

Savannah and Derrick are doing really good with their school work. Savannah is now doing online courses also with Western Christian Academy and doing very, very well with it. I am very pleased with their curriculum.

Church is great. We've had several baptisms and folks joining in the last few weeks. Preacher has been shelling the corn!! He and several men leave for Indiana this Sunday for "Pastor's School". Praying for their safety and to have a great time!!

So as you can see life is very busy...doesn't end. In all this God is Good...all the time. Till we chat again....after the tournament!