Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend of fun

Well my family and went to the Roanoke area last weekend to my Uncle Ray's house. We went to help him make homemade applebutter. We had a lot of fun and it was a unique experience for my kids. It allowed them to see how things "used" to be done. My uncle has three fairly large black copper lined pots that we set over fire and cook all day long.
My mom got to go with us and on the way back home Sunday we drove down Blueridge Parkway...its early yet for the leaves but it was still nice and cool and very beautiful drive.

Well basketball is gearing up now. Practices should start in the next week or so. Busy, busy again.

Tomorrow night Dale and the kids are driving with folks from church down to the Durham area to Bro Rick Finley's church to hear Dr. Jack Schapp from First Baptist in Hammond IN preach. For those who don't know....his church is where our teens go for youth conference. It should be a great time for them. I'd love to go but probably won't get off work in time...boohoo.

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